S5-95, S-100U

Programming Devices, RAM/EPROM


Communication and Interfaces


SIMATIC S5 HMI and Coros








Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5-90U, S-95U/F and S-100U modules we can typically provide.


CPU 101 6ES5101-8MU13
CPU 101 6ES5101-8UU43
CPU 102 6ES5102-8MA02
CPU 103 6ES5103-8MA02
CPU 103 6ES5103-8MA03
Base Units and Power Supplies
AG90 6ES5090-8MA01
AG95 6ES5095-8MA02
AG95 6ES5095-8MA03
AG95 6ES5095-8MA04
AG95 6ES5095-8MB02
AG95 6ES5095-8MC03
AG95 6ES5095-8MD01
AG95 6ES5095-8MD03
AG95F 6ES5095-8FB01
PS930 1A 6ES5930-6MD11
PS931   6ES5931-8MD11
I/O Modules  
8DI 24VDC 6ES5421-8MA11
8DI 24VDC 6ES5421-8MA12
Digital Input Module 6ES5430-8MB11
Digital Input Module 6ES5430-8MC11
4DI 230VAC 6ES5430-8MD11
8DI 24VDC 6ES5431-8MA11
8DI 230VAC 6ES5431-8MD11
Digital Input Module 6ES5433-8MA11
8DO 24VDC 6ES5441-8MA11
4DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5440-8MA21
4Relay Output 6ES5450-8MB11
Relay Output 6ES5450-8MD11
8DO 24VDC 6ES5451-8MA11
Digital Output 6ES5451-8MD11
8Relay Output 6ES5451-8MR12
4Relay Output 6ES5452-8MR11
8DO 5/24VDC 6ES5453-8MA11
Digital Output 6ES5453-8MC11
16DI/16DO 6ES5482-8MA12
16DI/16DO 6ES5482-8MA13
4AI 6ES5464-8MA11
4AI +-50m>V 6ES5464-8MA21
4AI +-10V 6ES5464-8MC11
4AI +-20mA 6ES5464-8MD11
4AI 4-20mA 6ES5464-8ME11
2xPt100 6ES5464-8MF21
4AI 0-10V 6ES5466-8MC11
2AO 10V 6ES5470-8MA11
2AO 10V 6ES5470-8MA12
2AO +-20mA 6ES5470-8MB12
2AO 4-20mA 6ES5470-8MC12
Limit Module 6ES5461-8MA11
Counter Module 6ES5385-8MA11
Counter Module 6ES5385-8MB11
Intelligent and Distributed I/O  
IP262 6ES5262-8MA12
IP263 6ES5263-8MA13
IP266 6ES5266-8MA11
IP267 6ES5267-8MA11
Interface Module 6ES5315-8MA11
Interface Module 6ES5316-8MA12
ET200U 6ES5318-8MA12
ET200U 6ES5318-8MB12
CP521 6ES5521-8MA11
Bus Module 6ES5700-8MA11
Bus Module 6ES5700-8FA11



Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5-110 A/S modules we can typically provide.


S5 CPU Modules and Proms  
CPU 6ES5900-7AB21
CPU 6ES5900-7AD11
EPROM 6ES5910-0AA11
EPROM 6ES5910-0AA21
EPROM 6ES5910-0AA31
EPROM 6ES5911-0AA52
S5 Digital Input Modules  
8DI 6ES5400-7AA12
8DI 6ES5400-7AA13
S5 Digital Output Modules  
8DO 220VAC 6ES5415-7AB21
8DO 24VDC 6ES5410-7AA11
S5 Other Modules  
Time Module 6ES5380-7AA11
Time Module 6ES5380-7AA12
S5 Racks and Power Supplies  
ZG110S 6ES5110-3SA12
Sub Rack 6ES5710-0AA11
PS930 6ES5930-7AA11
PS930 6ES5930-7AA12




Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5-115U modules we can typically provide.


S5 CPU Modules  
CPU941 6ES5941-7UA12
CPU942 6ES5942-7UA11
CPU942B 6ES5942-7UB11
CPU943 6ES5943-7UA11
CPU943 2SS 6ES5943-7UA22
CPU943B 6ES5943-7UB11
CPU943B 2SS 6ES5943-7UB21
CPU944A 6ES5944-7UA12
CPU944A 2SS 6ES5944-7UA21
CPU944B 6ES5944-7UB11
CPU944B 2SS 6ES5944-7UB21
CPU945 6ES5945-7UA11
SS Module V24 CPU945 6ES5752-0LA22
CPU945 6ES5945-7UA13
S5 Digital Input Modules  
32DI 24VDC 6ES5420-7LA11
32DI 24VDC 6ES5430-7LA11
32DI 24VDC 6ES5430-7LA12
16DI 115VAC 6ES5435-7LA11
16DI 220VAC 6ES5436-7LA11
16I/16O 24VDC 6ES5482-7LA11
S5 Digital Output Modules  
32DO 24VDC 6ES5441-7LA11
32DO 24VDC 6ES5441-7LA12
32DO 24VDC 6ES5441-7LA13
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-7LA11
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-7LA12
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-7LA21
16DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5454-7LA11
16DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5454-7LA12
8DO Relay 6ES5458-7LB11
S5 Analog I/O Modules  
8AI 6ES5460-7LA11
8AI 6ES5460-7LA12
8AI 6ES5460-7LA13
16AI 6ES5465-7LA11
8AO 10V/ 20mA 6ES5470-7LA11
8AO 10V/ 20mA 6ES5470-7LA12
8AO 10V/ 20mA 6ES5470-7LA13
8AO 6ES5470-7LB11
8AO 6ES5470-7LB11
8AO +5V/ 4-20mA 6ES5470-7LC12
Communication Modules
IM305 6ES5305-7LA11
IM306 6ES5306-7LA11
S5 Power Supplies and Fans  
PS951 3A 6ES5951-7LB13
PS951 3A 6ES5951-7LB14
>PS951 3A 6ES5951-7LB21
PS951 7/15A 6ES5951-7LD11
PS951 7/15A 6ES5951-7LD12
PS951 7/15A 6ES5951-7LD21
PS 951 6ES5951-7NB13
PS951 3A 6ES5951-7NB21
PS 951 7/15A 6ES5951-7ND41
PS 951 7/15A 6ES5951-7ND51
FAN Kit 6ES5988-3NB41
S5 Racks and Sub0Racks  
Rack 6ES5700-0LA12
Rack 6ES5700-1LA11
Rack >6ES5700-1LA12
Rack 6ES5700-2LA11
Rack 6ES5700-2LA12
Rack 6ES5700-3LA12
6-Slot Sub-Rack 6ES5701-0LA11
9-SlotSub-Rack 6ES5701-1LA11
9-SlotSub-Rack 6ES5701-1LA12
Sub-Rack 6ES5701-3LA11
Sub-Rack for 115H 6ES5701-3LH11




Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5-130 and S5-150 modules we can typically provide.


CPU Modules  
CPU924 6ES5924-3SA11
CPU924 6ES5924-3SA12
CPU925 6ES5925-3SA11
CPU926 6ES5926-3SA11
CPU927 6ES5927-3SA11
Digital Input Modules  
32DI24VDC 6ES5420-1BA11
32DI24VDC 6ES5420-3BA11
32DI24VDC 6ES5430-3BA11
16DI >6ES5432-3BA12
Digital Output Modules  
16DO 6ES5444-3AA11
32DO 6ES5445-3AA12
32DO 6ES5450-6AA12
16DO 6ES5451-3AA11
16DO 6ES5457-3AA11
Analog I/O Modules  
8AI 6ES5460-5AA31
8AI 6ES5465-3AA13
Interface and Communication  
IM312 6ES5312-3AB11
IM300 6ES5300-3AB11
Connector 6ES5760-0AB11
Systems, Racks and Power Supplies
S5-150U 6ES5150-3SB61
S5-182K  6ES5182-3KB61
PS950 6ES5950-1AB61
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LF11
Other Modules
equence Module 6ES5756-0AA11
AS511 6ES5511-5AA12
AS511 6ES5511-5AA14
AS512 6ES5512-5BC12
AS512 6ES5512-5BC21
Memory Card 6ES5340-3KB31
Bubble Memory 6ES5513-3LB11




Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5-135 and S5-155 modules we can typically provide.


CPU Modules  
CPU921 6ES5921-3UA12
CPU921 6ES5921-3AA21
CPU922 6ES5922-3UA11
CPU923 6ES5923-3UA11
CPU928A 6ES5928-3UA12
CPU928A 6ES5928-3UA21
CPU928B 6ES5928-3UB11
CPU928B 6ES5928-3UB12
CPU928B 6ES5928-3UB21
CPU946 6ES5946-3UA11
CPU946 6ES5946-3UA23
CPU947 6ES5947-3UA22
CPU948 6ES5948-3UA11
CPU948 6ES5948-3UA12
Digital Input Modules  
32DI24VDC 6ES5420-4UA12
32DI24VDC 6ES5420-4UA13
32DI24VDC 6ES5420-4UA14
32DI24VDC 6ES5430-4UA11
32DI24VDC 6ES5430-4UA12
32DI24VDC 6ES5430-4UA13
32DI24VDC 6ES5430-4UA14
32DI24VDC 6ES5432-4UA12
16DI 220VAC 6ES5436-4UA12
Digital Output Modules  
32DO24VDC 6ES5441-4UA11
32DO24VDC 6ES5441-4UA12
32DO24VDC 6ES5441-4UA13
32DO24VDC 6ES5441-4UA14
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-4UA11
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-4UA12
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-4UA13
32DO 24VDC 6ES5451-4UA14
16DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5453-4UA12
16DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5454-4UA11
16DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5454-4UA12
16DO 24VDC 2A 6ES5454-4UA13
16DO 230VAC 2A 6ES5456-4UA11
16DO 230VAC 2A 6ES5456-4UA12
16DI16DO 6ES5482-4UA11
16DO Relay 6ES5458-4UA12
16DO Relay 6ES5458-4UC11
Analog I/O Modules  
8AI 6ES5460-4UA12
8AI 6ES5460-4UA13
16AI 6ES5465-4UA12
8AI 6ES5466-3LA11
8AO 6ES5470-4UA11
8AO 6ES5470-4UA12
8AO 6ES5470-4UA13
8AO 6ES5470-4UB12
8AO 6ES5470-4UC12
8AO 6ES5470-4UC13
AI Sub-Module 0,05/.5V 6ES5498-1AA11
AI Sub-Module 10V 6ES5498-1AA31
AI Sub-Module 20mA 6ES5498-1AA41
AI Sub-Module 4-20mA 6ES5498-1AA51
AI Sub-Module 4-20mA 6ES5498-1AA71
Intelligent I/O Modules
IP240 6ES5240-1AA11
IP240 6ES5240-1AA21
IP241 6ES5241-1AA11
IP242 6ES5242-1AA12
IP242 6ES5242-1AA13
IP242 6ES5242-1AA32
IP246 6ES5246-4UA31
IP247 6ES5247-4UA31
IP254 6ES5254-4UA21
IP256 6ES5256-3AA11
IP281 6ES5281-4UB12
Interface Modules
IM304 6ES5304-3UA11
IM304 6ES5304-3UB11
IM305 6ES5300-5CA11
IM312 incl. Cable 6ES5312-5CA21
IM312 incl. Cable 6ES5312-5CA22
IM314 6ES5314-3UA11
Chassis and Expansion
EG183 ( excl. PS ) 6ES5183-3UA12
EG183 ( excl. PS ) 6ES5183-3UA13
EG184 ( excl. PS ) 6ES5184-3UA11
EG187 6ES5187-5UA11
S5-135/155U( excl.PS ) 6ES5188-3UA11
S5-135/155U( excl.PS ) 6ES5188-3UA12
S5-135U ( excl.PS ) 6ES5135-3KB21
S5-135U ( excl.PS ) 6ES5135-3KA13
S5-135U ( excl.PS ) 6ES5135-3UA41
S5-155U ( excl.PS ) 6ES5155-3UA11
Power Supplies
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LA11
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LC14
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LC41
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LC42
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LF11
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LF12
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LF14
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3LF44
PS955 ( PS ) 6ES5955-3NA12
Power Supply 6ES5951-4LB11
Power Supply 6ES5958-4UA11
Weighing Technology  
Siwarex 7MH3305-1AB
Siwarex 7MH3305-1AA
Siwarex 7MH4405-1AA00
WF707 6FM1707-3AA10
WF725 6FM1725-3AA00
WF726B 6FM1726-3BA00
WF726C 6FM1726-3CA00
WF661 6FM1661-3AA00




Programming Devices, RAM and EPROM 

Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5 programming devices, RAM,  EPROM, and EEPROM  we can typically provide.


EPROM  6ES5370-0AA41
EPROM  6ES5371-0AA51
EPROM 8k 6ES5375-1LA15
EPROM 16k 6ES5375-0LA21
EPROM 16k 6ES5375-1LA21
EPROM 32k 6ES5375-0LA41
EPROM 32k 6ES5375-1LA41
EPROM 64K 6ES5375-0LA61
EPROM 128K 6ES5375-0LA71
EEPROM 6ES5375-0LB11
EEPROM 6ES5375-0LB21
EEPROM 2K 6ES5375-0LC11
EEPROM 4K 6ES5375-0LC21
EEPROM 8K 6ES5375-0LC31
EEPROM 16K 6ES5375-0LC41
RAM 16k 6ES5375-0LD21
RAM 32k 6ES5375-0LD31
Flash EPROM 256k 6ES5374-1KH21
16kB 6ES5376-0AA11
EPROM 32k 6ES5376-0AA21
RAM 64kB 6ES5377-0AA32
EPROM 32kB  6ES5373-0AA41
EPROM 32kB  6ES5373-1AA41
EPROM64kB  6ES5373-1AA61
EPROM 64kB  6ES5373-0AA61
Flash 256kb 6ES5374-1FH21
Flash 256kb 6ES5374-2FH21
Flash 128kb 6ES5374-2KG21
EPROM 16k 6ES5376-0AA11
EPROM 16k 6ES5376-1AA11
EPROM 32k 6ES5376-0AA21
EPROM 32k 6ES5376-1AA21
EPROM 64k 6ES5376-1AA31
RAM 32kb 6ES5377-0AA11
RAM 32kb 6ES5377-0AA21
RAM 64kb 6ES5377-0AA31
RAM 64kb 6ES5377-0AA32
RAM 32kb 6ES5377-0AB21
RAM 64kb 6ES5377-0AB31
RAM 128kb 6ES5377-0AB41
EPROM 256kB 6AV1202-0AA0
RAM 256kB 6AV1202-0BA0
PG740 P 100Mhz 16MB 3GB 6ES7740-2AB00-0YB0
PG740 P 200Mhz 32 6GB CD Rom 6ES7740-3AC11-0YB0
PG730 C 6EA1730-0BA01-1AA1.
PG730 386 4MB 100MB 6EA1730-0AA00-0AA0.
PG730 386  6EA1730-0BA00-1AA1.
PG720C(486-100,16/540) 6ES7720-2AB10-0YB0
PG720(486-50,16/50) 6ES7720-1AB10-0YA0
PG770 6EA1770-2BA02-1AA1
VGA card for  PG770 C79458-L2350-A1
IBM Adapter PG770 6AD1015-0BC
PG685 6ES5685-0UA11
PT88 S22761-A88-N1
PG605U 6ES5605-0UB11
PG675 EPROM Programmer 6ES5985-2AA11
PG670C 6ES5670-0CA21
PG Interface to S5-110A 6ES5500-7AA11
PG Interface to S5-110A 6ES5500-7AA12
PG630 ( S5-110A) 6ES5630-0BA21
PG1.04 ( S3) 6ES3810-8AA
PG101 Interface For S3 6ES3811-8B
PG605 6ES5605-0RA11




Communications and Interface Modules

Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5 communication and interface parts we can typically provide.


Communications and Interface Modules  
AS511 6ES5511-5AA12
AS511 6ES5511-5AA14
AS512 6ES5512-5BC12
AS512 6ES5512-5BC21
CP523 6ES5523-3UA11
CP524 6ES5524-3UA13
CP524 6ES5524-3UA15
CP525 6ES5525-3UA11
CP525 6ES5525-3UA21
CP530 6ES5530-3LA12
CP535 6ES5535-3LB12
CP535 6ES5535-3MA12
CP143 6GK1143-0AA01
CP143 6GK1143-0AB01
CP1430 6GK1143-0TA00
CP1430 6GK1143-0TA02
CP1413  C79458-L2343-A2
CP5430 6GK1543-0AA00
CP5430 6GK1543-0AA01
CP5430 6GK1543-0AA02
CP5431 6GK1543-1AA01
CP544 6ES5544-3UA11
CP5412-A2 6GK1541-2BA00
CP2430 6GK1243-0SA20
IM308A 6ES5308-3UA12
IM308B 6ES5308-3UB11
IM308C 6ES5308-3UC21
IM318A 6ES5318-3UA11
Bus Device  L1 6ES5777-0BB00
Bus Device L1 6ES5777-0BC00
Bus Device   L1 6ES5777-0BC01
Bus Device  RS485 6GK1500-0AA00
Bus Device RS485 6GK1500-0AB00
Cable 721-1 3,2m 6ES5727-1B020
Ethernet Transceiver 6GK1901-0AA00-0AA0
20mA  Interface Module 6ES5752-0AA12
V24  Interface Module 6ES5752-0AA23
RS422/RS485 6ES5752-0AA43
PG Interface Module 6ES5752-0AA53
Bus Device 6ES5755-0AA13
TK858 6ES5858-0AA11




HMI and Coros Parts

Below is a list of some of the Siemens Simatic S5 HMI and Coros parts we can typically provide.


CP526 6ES5526-3LG11
CP526 6ES5526-3LF11
CP526 6ES5526-3LA21
CP527 6AV1242-0AB10
PBT982/H 6ES5982-2CA12
MP14B-Coros 6AV1112-2BD00
WF470 6FM1470-3CA21
WF470 6FM1470-4AA25
WF470 6FM1470-4BA21
WF480 6FM1480-3BC00
RAM 64kB 6ES5377-0AB31
EPROM 256kB 6AV1202-0AA0
RAM 256kB 6AV1202-0BA0
CP2000 Coros LS-C 70931375
DIMOS S5-130/150U 6DS1300-8AA
Monochrome . 2MSC12540000
COROS OS-C30 6AV1102-6BC00-2AA0
COROS OS-C30 6AV1102-6BD00-2AA1
Sicomp IPC FI20 6AP1161-0AV00
Mona S5 6ES5255-3AA11
OS Keyboard Interface 6ES5251-1AA11
Light Pen 6DS3317-8EA
WS496 Keyboard 6FM1496-1AC20
Keyboard 5091-0029
Monitor 36cm monochrome M21307-H5000
Monitor 36cm Color C79145-A3032-A22
Monitor 51cm Color 6AV8011-1JE22-0DA0
Monitor 51cm C.(Mitsubishi) 6AV8511-1JE50-2AA0
Printer DR215N ( PT88/89) 6AP1800 -DR215N
OP393-III 6ES5393-0UA15
OP395 6ES5395-0UA11
OP396 6ES5396-0UA11
Frame 6ES5982-3UB11
OP397 6AV3515-1MA11
OP15A 6AV3515-1EB00
OP15C 6AV3515-1MA20-1AA0
OP15C 6AV3515-1MA20
OP15C 6AV3515-1MA22
OP15C 6AV3515-1MA30
OP20/240-8 6AV3520-1EL00
OP25 6AV3525-1EA01-0AX0
OP35 6AV3535-1TA41-0BX0
OP37 ( P100,8MB,FD) 6AV3637-1ML00-0BX0
Y-Adapter 6XV1440-2HE20


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